Faithfully came as a vision and plan from God around March of 2020. If you remember what happened at this time, it was a global pandemic that quite literally paralyzed the world for months. We had NO idea what to do, where our businesses would go, if we would see our families again, work in an office again, etc. Pretty scary times.

I questioned what the heck was next and why I felt God pulling me into a space of education… During the pandemic I reconnected with an old friend who had her own company that specializes in hosting shootouts all around the country and she brought me on to lead these events in the PNW and then across the country. I still managed to lead 6 shootouts with The Shootout Society in the final 2 months of the year because of that one conversation. We navigated wearing masks, being in a group setting again and revamping what these events were going to look like moving forward. But we gave photographers a space to create again during a time when weddings were being cancelled and postponed.

During this time I also taught at Worthy Workshop, Live Rooted and TSS Zion Retreat. Additionally, attending a retreat of my own in Mexico with Styled You. Why does this matter? Well, it shows that there are ways to get back to normal even when there is so much pushing against these gatherings. Truthfully, we needed these more than EVER. We all got tested beforehand to make sure everyone was healthy and avoided contact with the public.

What I learned was that girls were struggling… with their next moves, relationships, personal life and loneliness. God brought me into broken spaces and He shined His light on the goodness that can be created in here when you shut out distractions, and focus on HIs voice on what steps to take to move forward. He gave me the tools and confidence to start audibly praying over these spaces and all the people in them.

He showed me that this was where I belonged and confirmed that with messages and affirmations from other photographers asking WHEN I would host my own.

Rewind to that vision that God gave to me in March… It happened while I was sitting in the ocean in the Dominican Republic and I looked to my left and saw an incomplete building filled with trash and molded furniture. You would miss it if you were just walking by because there were dozens of stunning resorts to the right that obviously catch your eye.

It got me thinking to life and photography and how we often times stay stuck in a tunnel view and only look for the pretty places and often times take advantage of them without realizing that there is a need in the same spaces. We take and aren’t giving back because we are so focused on “me, myself, and I.”

What a blessing it is to get to photograph love?

What a blessing it is to travel to the most stunning locations on earth?

What a blessing it is to have the flexibility to build our own schedules?

Well, let’s take those blessings and bless others with them. But how, right?

Well, Faithfully is how.

Here’s my goal:

  1. Gather photographers, both men and women together in a space
  2. Teach them how to grow their business
  3. Set up styled couple / bridal shoots that will attract their dream clients by capturing authentic love stories
  4. Build a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who will become family within 5 days
  5. Get into the community by partnering with a local church or organization and see the ways we can be the hands and feet of Jesus by leading with a heart of service.
  6. Donate $5000 of every retreat to that local organization and see the fruit of this gift be lived out right in from of our eyes.
  7. Show the group how they can get connected with organizations like this and utilize our flexibility and blessings to continue to give back to others
  8. Prove that spaces like this can change lives for the better
  9. Make you feel so incredibly supported and empowered to take these new tools and put them to work to them help serve more clients!
  10. Eliminate the fear of listening to God’s calling for you through testimonies and prayer

This is going to be different than other retreats. This will change lives for the better. This will open our eyes up to calls for help. This will build your community. This will bring you best friends. This will be a space of prayer and getting to know Jesus more or for the first time. This will be a space catered specifically for you. This is a safe space to be vulnerable. This is a space where we start a new chapter.

If you want updates on when these are taking place, put your information below so we can connect with you first!

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