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I'm Emily, the founder, of faithfully and I cannot wait to meet you!

A place to dive in deeper to your why.
A place to build community with photographers. 
A place to relax and be catered to.
A place to learn your next steps.
A place to serve local communities.

Faithfully Retreats
& one day WORKSHOPS

• Be different than other retreats / workshops because our focus is pointed towards serving, like Jesus.

• Have an upward outlook on life and business.

• Talk about the hard things; Pray over new seasons and redeem what has become a broken space, while adding in a new element of serving the local communities we enter into that host the education space.

our Mission is to

"From the moment you meet Emily you want to be her friend. She has a way of drawing you in and making you feel safe and loved in a way that is unique to her. And that shows in her teaching! She has an "old soul" feel about her that makes you want to learn everything she is capable of teaching. Almost as if she is your grandma who is passing down her many years of wisdom. She truly has a passion for not just teaching or her career (though it's clear she loves both immensely) but she has a true passion for people! And making connections with her students and those around her. The vulnerability in her words, and the actions that back them up; Emily is an absolute joy to be around and learn form. She is a professional in every sense, but can still make you feel like you've known each other since middle school. So if you're looking for a compassionate, well rounded, bold, knowledgable, passionate teacher/mentor/friend... then look no further! Emily is all of that and so much more!"

"She has a way of drawing you in and making you feel safe and loved..."

 Chelsea Lemons

"Emily is already an amazing photographer but an equally just as amazing teacher. I had been into photography since I was a youngster as my aunt was a professional but I lost the fire in my eye for it after high school. When I tell you Emily is a magic worker, I mean it. Ever since learning from her I have felt more passionate than ever. Her ability to teach and help you understand everything is admirable. The instant you meet or talk to her, she is your friend, not just a teacher. I have never once felt embarrassed asking any kind of question no matter how silly I though it might be. I highly, highly recommend investing in education through her, she is wise beyond her years & will get you and your business to the next level! And you will gain a very great friend out of it, too."

"Ever since learning from her I have felt more passionate than ever."

Marissa Boggs

Mentoring with Emily has been one of my favorite experiences of starting my business so far. She is direct when you have questions, and helps out in any way she can. She has become a mentor of mine for life. Not only is she someone I love learning from, she is someone I respect and look up too and has become a role model of mine. She is the sweetest human, she is very intentional and never makes you feel forgotten. While doing a mentored shoot with Emily, she thoroughly walked me through her process of how she does things and answered questions. She is a bold leader without intimidating anyone. She checked in with me throughout the shoot, and helped me adjust my camera to make sure I was getting the best possible shots. She is a incredible mentor and awesome hype gal.

"she is very intentional and never makes you feel forgotten..."

Bailey Babcock

“Emily is an INCREDIBLE teacher. Her heart for the lord and her business shows in everything she does. She has such a passion for education, and easily leaves all of her students feeling supported, uplifted, and leaves them with so much new knowledge. If you have the chance you learn from Em, DO NOT pass it up!” 

"She has such a passion for education..."

Phoebe Marshall

WHERE TO BEGIN? Emily is the most welcoming, accepting, loving, hard working woman I know. The first time meeting her feels like the 200th time meeting her because of how personable she is. That's just her as a human. Now imagine how that overlaps as a photographer...? INCREDIBLY SO! I got to watch her in her element and first hand saw how she brought these shy couples to life. She is so creative in how she gets natural and genuine shots. She taught me those prompts she used so that couples don't look so staged and a few other tricks I'll save for her to share. After learning these prompts and tricks my photos started becoming more and more of what I had dreamed them to be! The best part is too is that her knowledge doesn't end at the fun part, this girl is amazing at the behind the scenes work. I mean really, in a short amount of time she has become one of the best. You know that means HARD work and dedication went into where she is today, and how lucky are we that she's willing to share that? God has gifted her big time. She is a true gift to the photo industry and even more so to this planet!

"The first time meeting her feels like the 200th time meeting her."

Katie Milazzo

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